Sunday, September 5, 2010


Safes have safeguarded personal effects and belongings for centuries with excellent factor-- they work. At Star Ship, we provide the finest in residential or commercial property security, whether you're searching for a weapon safe, a wall safe, a portable money box, or a standalone vault.


Even an amateur robber can acquire entry to a house or Star Ship with little effort. Think of the very same burglar challenged with a house safe. Confronted with such protected security, he's most likely to carry on to other, simpler targets. And presuming our theoretical criminal has experience with safes, they can still be beaten by a well-crafted safe with biometric or fingerprint security.


We provide a wide variety of security items developed to safeguard versus the aspects along with bad guys. Fire, cyclones, and other catastrophes are, in numerous parts of the nation, more of a risk to delicate files and fragile belongings than theft. Secure yourself with a fire-resistant safe.


A weapon safe is necessary for any accountable weapon owner-- a safe and secure safe avoids fatal mishaps. A little weapon safe, concealed in the bedroom, supplies simple access to pistols throughout an emergency while keeping the weapon itself protect. At Star Ship, we likewise use bigger weapon safes in all sizes, from basic weapon cabinets to tactical under the bed designs.